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* FEES: $80 per child;

* A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due when you make your booking. Please pay via e-transfer to: skinsationcalgary@gmail

One date-change is permitted within 12 months of the original booking. However, this applies only when notice of the change is given 48 hours in advance of the party date.

+++ The minimum charge of a party is the cost of four girls, which is $320. No exceptions. A lot of time and preparation go into hosting a party, hence the minimum charge. 

+++ Furthermore, no changes to the number of girls booked may be made 24 hours prior to the party, as each girl's package is prepared in advance and a lot of effort and time goes into the latter. You are responsible for the payment of all the spots you've booked 24 hours before the party, and you should please give us notice of such changes before then.

* Check availability BEFORE making a booking.

* Because of limited studio space, only two guest adults (the parent of the birthday child and one additional adult) may stay for the duration of the party. You are welcome to take photo-booth photos and to set up for cake and presents.

Drop-off and pick up: Studio address: 12 Crocus Ridge Court, Calgary AB, T3Z 1G7. On entering, the studio is on the right-hand side of the driveway. Cross the wooden patio and you'll see the signage, Skinsation, above the door.  

* Food: At the end of the party, there will be 30 mins for cake and presents. It is up to you to supply cake, cutlery, napkins, plates, candles, lighter, knife for cake, etc. (PS: ice-cream
cake not allowed).

* Strictly NO playing on the outside premises, as our commercial insurance does not cover this area.

* Girls must arrive with CLEAN nails (NO nail polish, gel or shellac). Given the jam-packed party schedule, there isn’t enough time to remove the latter. Should a girl arrive with any of these, she will have to forego the manicure, with no exceptions.



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To secure your booking, please pay $100 deposit via e-transfer to:

An unforgettable birthday party awaits!  

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Liabilities, Terms & Conditions:


Thanks for submitting!

* Waiver for parents: The attached Waiver form must be filled in and signed by the parent of each child attending the party. Kindly ensure this is done before the day of the party. This is mandatory and we will not provide service without a completed and signed waiver.

* Liability: Sparkles Spa assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents, or allergies related to food items, clothing, or make-up, injuries to the party guest, or property damage before, during, or after the party. While I use products that are considered safe for children, I cannot guarantee that there will not be an allergic reaction to the products being used for skin and nails. As a professional esthetician, I can assure you I do provide a safe and entertaining environment for children.

Strictly NO playing on the outside premises, as our commercial insurance does not cover this area.


* Be rest assured that I follow all necessary hygiene practices. All of our spa and cosmetic items are cleaned and disinfected before and after each guest/party. Facial products are organic, child-friendly, made in Canada and cruelty-free.

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